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About Inexto

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Together we create solutions that matter

As a respected solution provider with a core focus on ethical trade, product performance and project excellence, INEXTO has established itself as an indispensable partner for governments and business alike.

Our mission is to address business to business, business to consumer and business to government interoperability; providing data security, as well as, brand and trade protection for our clients. We deliver scalable, comprehensive and innovative solutions (In Extenso) from manufacturing to the end-consumer for: Secure Serialization, Track & Trace, Authentication, Supply Chain visibility and Product recall. In addition, our platform is 100% digital and mobile application enabled.

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When efficiency meets

INEXTO, with its unique and innovative authentication/track & trace system, offers the most efficient and cost-effective solutions on the market for securing products in large scale and across complex supply chains. Through a vast experience, INEXTO has developed an in-depth knowledge of the complex problems facing regulators, enforcement agencies, businesses, and consumers. 

High Volume & High Speed

Our high-speed serialization and activation capabilities enable the processing of 1000 products per minute in the factory.

No Production Impact

Interoperability solutions for seamless integration and collaboration across your systems with no impact on your production.

Seamless Global Compliance

Streamlined worldwide multi-regulation compatibility solutions for seamless global compliance.

Huge Tracking Capacity

Our robust systems boast the capability to track an infinite array of products effortlessly.

Tailor Made

Tailor-made solutions crafted to fit your specific needs and requirements perfectly.


Trustworthy support including consulting, follow-up and a continuous after-sales service.